The Mill – The BlackBird

The Mill, known for creating some of the most incredible TV commercials, just announced a new technology they where working on for the past few years: The BlackBird.

The BlackBird is a full adjustable car-rig that can mimic almost every car behaviour. The advantage is , you can shoot the TV spot for your car without needing the car to be on set.

For a better understanding visit The-Mill’s website.

BREXIT – What happens now to the UK Film/TV industry?

I worked my self in London for 3,5 years. Very hard, but good years that helped me a lot to develop in my career.

London was the 1st place to go as a EU citizen to break into the big international VFX industry. And now a lot of people are worried if this will still be the case. Personally I will see how everything will develop from here, but at the moment nobody can say what will really happen in the near future. Without the EU subsidies and general relations with other EU countries, nobody knows at the moment what impact that can have for future productions.

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