Guardians Of The Galaxy vol.2 – Trailer


This week-end the second trailer of Guardians Of The Galaxy vol.2 came out. This is the current project that kept me busy the last few months and will do so for another few. Visually the movie will not disappoint and it seems to have the same humor as the first one. For sure something to look forward to. The trailer is just a small taste of what you can expect from the final product! =)


Duel –

If you never heard about, you should definitely check it out. It is an online platform that allows you to bring your animation/VFX ideas to live, giving you the possibility to connect with artists spread over the world and work with them on your project in a cloud system.

I was lucky enough that Tim Rudder contacted me via Artella and gave me the opportunity to work on a full-CG animated short that was first shown at the CTN-Animation Expo 2016.

DUEL is the first project that was completed on and it looks pretty amazing. Considering the fact that this was done with over 50artist spread over the world dedicating there spare time to bring this idea to live the quality of the final product is just amazing.

But have a look for yourself and if you have some ideas for an animation-short but do not know where to find the people to realise it.. is the way to go!



46 Artists From 16 Countries Made ‘Duel’ Using Artella’s Online Platform [Exclusive]




Books Corner added!

Hello everyone!

So I spend some time gathering a list of books in the Books Corner section that I think are really useful if you want to go into Animation or VFX. This section will be growing since it is not complete and probably will never be. If you have any suggestions let me know, I would really appreciate it.

I think having a good book can open so many doors to a lot of new opportunities. For sure this should not be the only source of knowledge for you, but I think it is a good start.


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Warcraft – Deleted scenes

I just came across this and I am pretty happy to see that some of the deleted sequences of Warcraft will be on the BluRay/DVD. Not sure if there will be a directors-cut or if they just put those sequences in as a bonus. But it is good to see that all this hard work will not be completely wasted after all =)

VFX Union UK: Sausage Party & Nitrogen – an open letter

You probably heard already about how much went wrong during the production of “Sausage Party” for the artists working at Nitrogen.

Every time I read/hear things like this it makes me really angry. The VFX and CG-Feature industry is a multi-billion business every year, and still VFX houses and 3D-Animation Studios feel forced to underbid each other in a race to the bottom. It looks like they are just not able to create any resistance against the Film-Studios/Production companies etc. And because of that we heard in the past few years, and will for sure hear more in the future, stories like how apparently the hole production on “Sausage Party” was a big mess. People should not be terrified for wanting to go home on time, not being afraid to be blacklisted or fired because they do not work for free. I do not want to point fingers only at Nitrogen, because this is a general problem spread over a lot of different companies. I think there is much room for improvement to create a good work-life balance in our industry. I hope things will change for the best, but for now I leave you with this open letter from the VFX Union UK:

Sausage Party and Nitrogen – an open letter