VFX Union UK: Sausage Party & Nitrogen – an open letter

You probably heard already about how much went wrong during the production of “Sausage Party” for the artists working at Nitrogen.

Every time I read/hear things like this it makes me really angry. The VFX and CG-Feature industry is a multi-billion business every year, and still VFX houses and 3D-Animation Studios feel forced to underbid each other in a race to the bottom. It looks like they are just not able to create any resistance against the Film-Studios/Production companies etc. And because of that we heard in the past few years, and will for sure hear more in the future, stories like how apparently the hole production on “Sausage Party” was a big mess. People should not be terrified for wanting to go home on time, not being afraid to be blacklisted or fired because they do not work for free. I do not want to point fingers only at Nitrogen, because this is a general problem spread over a lot of different companies. I think there is much room for improvement to create a good work-life balance in our industry. I hope things will change for the best, but for now I leave you with this open letter from the VFX Union UK:

Sausage Party and Nitrogen – an open letter

Aaron Blaise – creatureartteacher.com

Aaron Blaise offers a nice collection of drawing/concept art/animation tutorials + tons of different sets of Photoshop-Brushes that he uses for his creations. Some of them are free, most of them are payed courses.

Recently he added an option for a annual subscription to his site so that you have access to ALL content on the website.

Aaron Blaise is in the animation industry for 27 years, 21 of them he spend at Disney Animation Studios working on movies like “Mulan”, “Pocahontas”, “The Lion King” and many more.

If you are into drawing and 2D animation you definitely should have a look.

The Mill – The BlackBird

The Mill, known for creating some of the most incredible TV commercials, just announced a new technology they where working on for the past few years: The BlackBird.

The BlackBird is a full adjustable car-rig that can mimic almost every car behaviour. The advantage is , you can shoot the TV spot for your car without needing the car to be on set.

For a better understanding visit The-Mill’s website.

BREXIT – What happens now to the UK Film/TV industry?

I worked my self in London for 3,5 years. Very hard, but good years that helped me a lot to develop in my career.

London was the 1st place to go as a EU citizen to break into the big international VFX industry. And now a lot of people are worried if this will still be the case. Personally I will see how everything will develop from here, but at the moment nobody can say what will really happen in the near future. Without the EU subsidies and general relations with other EU countries, nobody knows at the moment what impact that can have for future productions.

Here a few article talking about this topic:

Brexit: Seven Likely Consequences for the British Film and TV Industry

Will #Brexit Lead To A #VXFit?


The UK VFX industry and Brexit