The plan for this section is to point you to different online resources that I think are useful to learn or deepen your knowledge on different topics all about VFX and Animation. This will be a growing section, so keep an eye on it.

Online Courses:

This is the place where I made the transition from Shake to NUKE. The courses are well organised and you get VPN access to most of the software that they are using. Meaning you can legally install the software on your machine and enjoy all the lessons and play around with it. You also get access to working material for each lesson like plates/grafix and so on. Courses include topics like: Nuke/After Effects/Film Procuction/VR/Arnold/Cinema4D/Editing/Grading and so on. The great thing here is, specially for junior-artists, that you can use all the projects that you finish at FXPHD to enhance your showreel. I would not do a show-reel that ONLY contains projects from there, but for sure it is great to show that you learned a new set of Skills.

In case you want to sign up and you want to tell them that I was referring you, you just need to give them my User-name while Signing up: GiorgioM

DigitalTutors has a HUGE range of different 3D/2D courses. Starting from basic drawing skills/concept-art to modelling/lighting/animating in 3D. You can navigate through the courses by Software (Nuke/Maya/ZBrush/… ), or search by topic (animation/Modeling/Rendering/..). Recently they introduced the concept of learning-paths, meaning that you choose the topic that you would like to learn (animation/rigging/…) and they will give you a list of tutorials and tell you in what order to watch them so that you go through that topic step by step. For each course that you finish you get a Digital Certificate that proves that you actually watched all lessons. DigitalTuros just recently was purchased by that is one of the biggest video-tutorial portals for programming. As far as I know when you sign up for Digital-Tutors you also get access to all the software-development courses. At least for me that is the case.

Probably the biggest and most well known online-Animation school out there. The course is great, the community is great, and since I left a lot of things improved. This is a proper school that goes for 18 months if you do the hole Character-Animation-Program. They added new courses and Programs, but I guess the quality will be as good as the Charachter-Animation-Program. I can only recommend this to people who really want to learn 3D-Charachter-Animation but do not have Schools close by that are teaching it. You really should invest as much time as possible when you do this course. If you need to work during the time of the course (like I did) it can be very difficult and intense to get assignments done on time. It costs a lot of money, but if you do it properly it is worth it for sure.


I am still structuring this hole Resources area, so for now I’ll give you a link list to some interesting web-sites that you can explore.


Tutorials & Communities:

Pixologic -
The Foundry - Modo
The Foundry - Nuke
The Gnomon

Ilion Animation
Illumination Mac
ILM - Industrail Light &
MPC - Moving Picture
Rise - Visual Effects
Sony Pictures
Sony Pictures
Walt Disney Animation

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